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B2B Zero to Ten

May 24, 2021

In another bonus episode, I’m sharing my second time to be a guest at M&A Unplugged, which is hosted by Domenic Rinaldi. For this episode, I talked about my strategy for helping B2B startups achieve scalable growth.

I’ll be talking about my template for analyzing a company’s growth barriers, strategies for growth, and how to implement those strategies without making bad investments that won’t provide a return. 

Whether you are an existing owner of a business or you are contemplating your business acquisition and want to grow it, you wouldn’t want to miss this episode.


Here are the topics we covered:

  1. Intro to this episode [01:15] 
  2. The stats in the startup space & what Brett found out about what’s preventing scalable growth [03:08] 
  3. Why will Brett’s methodology work for any company [06:22] 
  4. The three levers to look at when it comes to growth [07:11] 
  5. Brett’s discovery process for finding where the plateau is [08:38] 
  6. Most of the time the owners aren’t as accurate in revenue reporting [09:52] 
  7. Finding the true opportunities and their costs [11:33] 
  8. Brett’s approach to analyzing the client and the market [13:54] 
  9. You might want to consider hiring a market research company [16:28] 
  10. What the net promoter score is [19:08] 
  11. Check if your message is aligned with your audience [20:11]
  12. How to test and find the areas that are paying off [24:07]
  13. Pitfalls to avoid when doing growth strategies [26:27]
  14. Brett’s Growth Readiness Assessment [28:35]
  15. Why so many businesses plateau [30:57]


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