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Dec 28, 2021

In our second re-broadcasting for the holiday break, we have the episode with top-rated podcaster and author, Steve Glaveski, who shared where he came up with the idea for his book, “Time Rich: Do Your Best Work, Live Your Best Life.”


Steve and I also discussed the necessity of establishing an entrepreneurial...

Dec 21, 2021

We're taking a short break over the holidays so I've chosen to re-air a couple of the most impactful episodes - impactful both from a business and a personal perspective. 


So today, we have the episode with Chris Walker of Refine Labs where we went over his company’s ways of helping B2B companies grow through...

Dec 17, 2021

In the last episode, I led you through the Zero to Ten growth approach, which is divided into four frameworks: ACES (Align- Connect- Enable- and Support).


Today, I'll delve deeper into the first framework's essential components and consequences - alignment.


Believe me, it’s much more difficult to market if your...

Dec 14, 2021

The face is the mirror of the mind and this is why it is important for everyone, even for business owners, to have at least a bit of knowledge in reading facial expressions.


So today, Emotions Expert Dan Hill gives us a mini-masterclass on the most important emotions to look out for and how you should interpret and...

Dec 10, 2021

Because B2B growth is nuanced, you must grasp the various revenue levers. You can't just hire a sales leader or a marketing leader and expect to solve your growth problems. 


So in this episode, I'll walk you through the Zero to Ten System, which will help you break past owners' capacity and go from one-to-one selling...