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B2B Founder

Mar 23, 2021

It’s an exciting time for the B2B startup world.

With so many opportunities present and probably triggered by the current climate, we’re seeing trends rising for innovative companies to get the spotlight.

What are those and what should you do to get one step ahead of the competition?

Today, I got Eva Nahari from DNX Ventures. As a Principal at DNX, we go over what’s she’s working on, her thoughts on the difference between AI and ML, the areas of her focus, and how automation & streamlining processes are key at this time.

Jump into this powerful episode to find out what this venture capitalist sees coming up next. 

We’ll talk about:

  1. The journey from Sweden to DNX Ventures in California [01:40]
  2. Moving from angel investing to VC [09:18]
  3. Her role and what’s she’s working on at DNX [13:44]
  4. Key things to think about when scaling [19:00]
    • Select & prioritize where you put resources [21:32]
    • Put confidence in your pipeline [22:43]
  5. What Eva looks for in potential investments [24:17]
  6. Differences between machine learning & artificial intelligence [29:48]
  7. COVID and the focus of her thesis [32:07]
    • We’re seeing greater automation of non-value-added tasks [33:12]
    • Never underestimate back-end innovation [36:13]
    • Expect more entrepreneurs to become more innovative [39:26]
    • See more migration to cloud [42:43]
  8. The one thing Eva recommends [44:29]


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About Our Guest:

Eva Nahari is a Principal at DNX Ventures, a VC fund focused on early-state B2B startups. Prior to joining DNX, she worked 9 years at Cloudera building products and go-to-market strategies and helping businesses scale.

Keen on AI, machine learning, and autonomous systems, Eva looks to invest in companies building SaaS, Cloud, ML-Enabled Enterprise Software, and DevOps that could revolutionize how IT is delivered to enterprises. 

Eva has also spent time as an angel investor and startup mentor. You can reach her via LinkedIn and Twitter.


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