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Feb 2, 2021

As a business grows, the ability to do things more efficiently is key to scaling up successfully. But oftentimes, the plan to automate processes gets little priority.

When is the right time to adopt technology to get rid of those manual processes? And how do you go about updating your internal infrastructure?

These are just some of the questions we cover today as process consultant Andrew Millet joins me today to help founders who may have found themselves stuck and in need of ways to streamline their process to meet buyer preferences, improve the customer experience, and improve retention and profitability.

Jump into this episode to grab valuable insights on process and automation.


We’ll talk about:

  1. Andrew’s background and the start of Process Pro Consulting [01:19]
  2. What led them to the B2B space [02:12]
  3. The reason for automating your processes [04:33]
  4. Setting up your infrastructure to scale [10:56]
  5. Don’t forget onboarding and organization of process after technology adoption [16:19]
  6. Successful technology implementations are aligned with your goals [20:17]
  7. Don’t just sell then forget about the customer [24:37]
  8. The handoff process is miserable for the customer [29:32]
  9. Make sure the data follows the customer [33:33]
  10. How a business delivers customer value is different for every company [35:36]
  11. Find the things that are taking a lot of time then try to automate it [39:25]
  12. When’s the right time to be thinking about efficiency and automation [43:15]
  13. What Andrew plans to focus on this 2021 [45:20]
  14. The one thing that Andrew recommends [47:04]


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About Our Guest:

Andrew is the Founder and Principal Adviser at Process Pro Consulting. As a process-oriented consultant with a passion for growing businesses, he has spent the beginning of his career providing services to Fortune 500 companies.  He later became the Director of Solutions & Customer Experience ScaleFactor, where he helped accelerate the startup’s growth from seed investment through multiple funding rounds. Now through his own company, he dedicated to helping businesses succeed through the optimization of their processes.

You can connect with Andrew through his LinkedIn or just send him an email at

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