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B2B Zero to Ten

Jan 19, 2021

Successfully selling to your prospects is at the core to scaling your startup. But at an age where greater focus is needed towards buyer enablement, the hard sell is no longer selling.

If you’re a startup looking to grow your business, what are you to do then? Well, I’ve got the answer for you in our supersized episode today with my special guest.

As Founding Partner of the Samurai Business Group, Bob Lambert has spent two decades helping small and mid-size businesses improve their growth. Today, he and I talked about everything from strategy and tactics to what folks to hire for sales roles to setting up your business for scale. 

Make this year a year of tremendous growth for your business by tuning in now!


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We’ll talk about:

  1. Bob’s sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial background [01:46]
  2. What pushed his pivot towards B2B sales [05:02]
  3. How founders can start making sales an organizational responsibility [10:09]
  4. What startups need to do to hire the right sales people [15:21]
  5. Your sales team needs critical thinking, mastery, and good management [19:50]
  6. Customer success shouldn’t be an afterthought [25:25]
  7. Treat your sales people like a pro sports team [30:57]
  8. You can’t motivate people, so look for attitude [32:28]
  9. Listen and be a person of honor [34:32]
  10. Sales is about solving a problem [38:31]
  11. Take care of your customer & they will evangelize you [40:59]
  12. Frame your message in a way that attracts your best customers [43:11]
  13. What’s next for Bob [47:46]
  14. The one thing that Bob recommends [58:40]


About Our Guest:

With over 40+ years working in business development, market, and sales, Bob Lambert has a solid track record of growing and leading successful businesses. He founded Samurai Business Group, a sales & business development performance firm which developed their proprietary Samurai Buying Decision ModelTM. This model is now being used in the sales curriculum in 36 universities. 

Bob has coached, mentored, and trained people who later on became top executives in Fortune 1000 companies or founded successful businesses. He also co-authored the book, Put the WIN back in your SALES, and is the host of podcast talk show Faith Marketplace Radio.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Bob Lambert at or give him a call at 847-922-1498.

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