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B2B Zero to Ten

Aug 25, 2020

Rising up from bankruptcy to finding your true path is an amazing achievement. 

Just as we’re facing uncertain times in our lives, a lot have started to reconsider their priorities and how they’ve been living their lives.

Which is why we have a very timely episode today with Sean Rosensteel, who shares why it’s so important for founders to become more intentional with their lives. You’ll get not just the reason for living intentionally, but also how you can do so.

No matter where you are in your life’s journey, this episode has so much value for you!


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We’ll be talking about:

Overview of Sean’s new book and the journey to writing it [01:59]

How the COVID-19 pandemic affected the release of his book [03:07]

The things that led to him writing his book [05:23]

Reaching the turning point that got Sean into taking responsibility for himself [08:39]

How the choice to be intentional came about [13:13]

The need to identify what intrinsically motivates us [17:31]

Who you are becoming is more important than what you get [20:30]

The right timing of the book during this reset [23:59]

Real magic happens in the constant state of balancing [25:46]

What is important changes at different times in your life [26:30]

Adapting the framework to business [28:07]

Attract people by showing your vulnerability [30:35]

People buy from people [34:14]

What’s next for Sean [35:29]

The one thing that Sean recommends [37:45]


About Our Guest:

After finding himself bankrupt at age 28, Sean Rosensteel realized that, in order to attain happiness and fulfillment, he has to break free from conventional wisdom. As a consultant, coach, trainer, and now, book author, he has a passion for helping others. He has recently published his first book, “The School of Intentional Living: A Real-World Approach to Living Life on Your Terms" and also founded The Intentional Living Academy to support his readers on a deeper level.

Go ahead and grab a copy of his new book on Amazon and Audible

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