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B2B Zero to Ten

Feb 11, 2020

On this episode, we welcome Tim Caito. Tim is a Senior Partner at ForceManagement.  He combines more than 30 years of sales, management, professional development and business consulting experience to help selling and buying organizations, challenged by dramatic shifts in market conditions, win better deals and improve critical seller-buyer relationships.  He helps companies define and articulate their unique differentiators and value drivers. 

Key #LessonsInGrowth:

  • Messaging must come from the perspective of your customer not your company
  • Understanding the Zero Moment of Truth for your customers
  • Why you MUST be an expert on your customer problems
  • How to avoid the common disconnect between sales and marketing
  • If technology or pricing is your differentiator you are on a race to the bottom
  • These are only scratching the surface of what we discuss.