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B2B Zero to Ten

Oct 29, 2019

On this episode, we welcome Martin Hill to the program.  Martin is the CEO, Founder and inventor of The Beebo:


The voice you heard a moment ago is that of Martin Hill.  Martin is the CEO, Founder and the inventor of the The Beebo.  The Beebo is a free hand bottle holder designed to enhance the feeding time between you and your baby.  On this episode, Martin shares his unbelievable growth journey. It was an amazing combination of ingenuity, timing and a successful pitch on the shark tank.  Plus, Martin even announces that his company is for sale at the end of the show.


Questions we answer:

  • How he was able to get an investment from Shark Tank investors Lori Griener and Ashton Kutcher
  • How he scaled a fast-growing company with only a couple of employees
  • Why Martin doubled down on understanding the flaws with his design
  • How he was 1 of 100 that were selected out of 50,000 to appear on Shark Tank
  • How he leveraged outsource partners to scale his business
  • Why he decided to sell the company 




Twitter: @the_beebo

Instagram:  the_beebo