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Dec 28, 2021

In our second re-broadcasting for the holiday break, we have the episode with top-rated podcaster and author, Steve Glaveski, who shared where he came up with the idea for his book, “Time Rich: Do Your Best Work, Live Your Best Life.”


Steve and I also discussed the necessity of establishing an entrepreneurial mindset in children, as well as how it extends to situations beyond business.


Finally, we look back to pre-COVID working circumstances and analyze how businesses are dealing with the current difficulty of working from home.


Let’s look back at this episode that teaches us to be more productive. Tune in now! 


We talked about:

  1. Steve’s professional experience [02:07]
  2. Teaching an entrepreneurial mindset to kids [05:49]
  3. The idea behind Time Rich [9:36]
  4. Flow state: Avoiding time and productivity waste [14:40]
  5. Tim O’Reilly’s business model for the new economy” [22:23]
  6. The power of the rule of two [29:36]
  7. Presence and significance of the Pareto’s principle [32:30]
  8. PCOATS roadmap [36:47]
  9. Steve’s take on nootropics use [42:26]
  10. Tips on increasing memory retention [44:26]
  11. Time to embrace asynchronous communication [46:37]
  12. What’s next for Steve [52:40]
  13. The one thing Steve recommends [55:33]



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About Our Guest:

An entrepreneur, author, and podcaster, Steve Glaveski is on a mission to untap the potential of people to lead more meaningful lives. 

He forwards this mission through his different ventures, such as the Collective Campus, an innovation accelerator; the Lemonade Stand, a children’s entrepreneurial program; and his podcast, Future Squared. 

In his latest book, he shares how being time rich is more valuable than living “comfortably miserable” lives. 


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