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B2B Zero to Ten

Aug 27, 2019

On this episode, we welcome Michael Himmelfarb to the program.

Michael Himmelfarb is co-founder of InnoEQ, an analytics and advisory firm that shows companies how to be more successful with collaborative innovation i.g. working with enterprise organizations.  InnoEQ provides seasoned product marketing leadership to B-to-B startups that want to accelerate their growth, and also advises corporations on how to effectively engage with startups.  

Previously, Michael was an SVP and general manager at the research company Nielsen, where he transformed series of mature businesses into high performers leveraging startups and innovation.  At Nielsen he also started and ran an incubator in Africa, India and China, and launched a corporate “Shark Tank.”  

Before Nielsen he scaled series of startups while serving in various product and business development leadership roles. 



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