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B2B Zero to Ten

Jan 26, 2021

Startups looking to scale face challenges on every side of the business. How do you grow beyond your network? Where do you find the people you need to help you reach that goal?

If you do things without a plan, you won’t get the maximum results you could have gotten. But insights from someone with years of experience might help you get there faster.

In today’s episode with a fractional CMO, Mark Coronna gives his own views on buyer enablement, building diversified revenue streams, and much more. With his storied background, his perspectives on growth, planning, and execution are lessons startups wouldn’t want to miss.

Tune in as I pick the brain of this very practical CMO!


We’ll talk about:

  1. Mark’s storied background that led to him becoming a fractional CMO [01:36]
  2. Should startups consider getting a fractional CMO? [03:31]
  3. Insights on how growth has changed since the COVID pandemic [06:03]
  4. Long-term growth planning shouldn’t take a backseat [08:58]
  5. The 3 Ps investors look at [19:00]
  6. The move towards more digital activities and programs [22:28]
  7. Buyer enablement is about taking an outside in view of customers [25:13]
  8. Marketing needs to take the role of growth champion [28:00]
  9. Plan for acquisition, retention, and expansion [32:54]
  10. Changes are happening fast, so take advantage [36:32]
  11. What’s next for Mark [40:29]
  12. The one thing that Mark recommends [42:27]


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About Our Guest:

With a passion of helping leadership teams reach success, Mark Coronna is uniquely qualified to guide businesses during their growth stages. As a Fractional CMO Officer and Area Managing Partner for Chief Outsiders, he focuses mainly on growth planning and execution, building diversified revenue and profit streams, sales pipeline improvements, strategic marketing planning, and digital transformation.

You can reach out to Mark through his LinkedIn.


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