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B2B Zero to Ten

Jun 30, 2020

With 400 million users, LinkedIn has become the most useful social network for B2B marketers. It's a platform for people to connect with colleagues and learn more about their industry.

LinkedIn is an excellent source of traffic that is underutilized by most. One main reason is because of the unfamiliarity with leveraging the opportunities there.

In another series featuring subject matter experts, we have LinkedIn expert Anthony Blatner with us as we talk about best practices for targeting niche audiences at scale, organic vs. paid advertising, upcoming new tools, and much more.

Learn more about his wonderful and important LinkedIn tips by tuning in to the show!


Resource Links:


We’ll be talking about:


Working in an undervalued area as a LinkedIn focused agency [02:00]

Tips for maximizing your organic reach [06:21]

Improving engagement on LinkedIn posts [09:32]

LinkedIn articles vs. LinkedIn posts [11:45]

Best practice for linking to outside posts, videos, or sites [13:22] 

Optimizing LinkedIn paid ads [14:57]

Tactics for shifting through leads [21:14]

Why you should specific with targeting [23:44]

Leveraging your ad analytics [26:52]

Advantages of LinkedIn ads over Google and Facebook [28:17]

Upcoming new LinkedIn features Anthony is excited about [32:37]

One thing Anthony recommends everyone to do [35:53]


About Our Guest:

Anthony Blatner is the CMO at Modern Media Advertising, an agency focused on organic and paid LinkedIn advertising. As a LinkedIn advertising expert, Anthony is a great resource for early-stage entrepreneurs.

You can connect with Anthony through his LinkedIn.

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