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B2B Zero to Ten

May 17, 2021

In this bonus episode, I’m sharing my guesting at the B2B Growth podcast. 

I get to talk with Lesley Crews of Sweetfish Media about how to shift your mindset and focus on growth. On top of that, I share my four-point plan for growth - something that I encourage B2B startups to use as a framework as early as now.


Here are the topics we covered:

  1. What exactly is demand generation? Why do we need to have an organizational approach to it? [01:35] 
  2. The need to shift our mindset from a sales perspective to a buyer’s perspective [02:42]
  3. Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. [04:06]
  4. The one thing B2B marketers need to stop doing [05:25]
  5. Why there’s no such thing as a marketing-qualified lead & why you shouldn’t force your prospect through the buying process [07:23]
  6. The four-point framework to move from startup to scaleup [10:17]
  7. How to get started on building a demand gen framework [16:11]
  8. How startups get demand gen wrong [18:42]


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