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Jul 14, 2020

Most startups prioritize customer experience above all else. While that’s something to strive for, it isn’t easily ingrained into your employees. So how do you make sure your employees start valuing your customers more?

The answer? By improving employee experience.

Today’s subject matter expert, Gil Cohen talks about creating a positive employee experience that translates into a positive customer experience, how values go hand-in-hand with hiring the right people, and how to improve employee connections in a remote work setting.

If you are struggling with keeping your employees engaged, then let this episode serve as your guide and tune in!


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We’ll be talking about:

His history with employee experience and how it shaped his company [02:18]

Employee experience vs employee engagement [04:00] 

The essence of understanding your whys and your values [07:14]

Finding the right fit for your company [10:54]

Two things to consider before hiring employees [15:43]

How to incorporate employee experience into your organization [21:46]

Redesigning the culture of a growing startup company [24:46]

The result of good employee experience and engagement [27:50]

How to improve employee connections in a remote-work environment [30:42]

Having the right people in the right roles [34:06]

The next move for Employee Experience Design [37:32]

One thing that Gil recommends [38:48]


About Our Guest:

Gil Cohen is the founder of Employee Experience Design, a company that helps organizations co-create experiences that have better outcomes for both people and businesses. With his several years of experience as an Employee Experience expert in an IT company in Toronto, Canada, he has then catapulted himself into success despite the pandemic.

You can connect with Gil through his LinkedIn.

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