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B2B Zero to Ten

Jun 9, 2020

Entrepreneurs are always told that the best way to start a business is to solve a problem. Scaling the business to grow beyond the network you have is a different problem.

Relying solely on the people you know won’t get you to your goals. But there is no shortage of successful businesses we can take inspiration from.

Today, we have IntelligenceBank CEO, Tessa Court. We talk about how she scaled her business beyond her network, doing it profitably, how she priced her offering, adding credibility through big logos or brands, and so much more.

Head on over to find out how this founder scaled her business to reach that million dollar mark!


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We’ll be talking about:

Introduction to IntelligenceBank [02:15]

Building a business from something you know [03:27]

When starting a business, tap into a growing market [05:00]

Founding a tech business when you’re not a technical person [07:23]

Big clients build your credibility [10:35]

Selling beyond their network [14:50]

Work on fit at the start to get to that million dollar mark [17:17]

Focus on your business milestones [19:36]

Hire early the people who will push your business forward [22:38]

The passion and devotion of her team [26:20]

Culture and values needs to be set from the top [28:50]

Valuing people more than the product [32:40]

What’s next for IntelligenceBank [34:13]

The importance of taking time out [35:40]


About Our Guest:

Tessa Court is the CEO and Director of IntelligenceBank, a leading digital asset management and marketing and operations platform. They currently support over 400 brands and 350,000 users in over 55 countries. They help marketing departments manage the content that gets produced, approved, and distributed through the process they provide. 

Tess was previously head of a global sales and marketing team when she couldn’t find a solution to her problem. She started IntelligenceBank to provide a solution to that problem.  

You can connect with Tessa through her LinkedIn.


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