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Jan 7, 2020

On this episode, we welcome Phil Hollyer to the program.  Phil is the Co-Founder, former CEO and now Executive Chairman for Bounteous.  Bounteous creates big-picture digital solutions provider that helps drive growth for their clients. 

In this episode Phil shares the Bounteous journey from a 2-person startup to a high growth company that has been featured in Inc.’s fastest growing companies.  Bounteous now has over 300 employees and is closing in on the $100 million in annual revenue. 

We go deep on how Dominos became one of their first customers how their partnership launched both companies to the next level, especially in the digital revolution in the early 2000’s.

Questions we answer:

  • How Phil and Bounteous were pioneers in creating a virtual organization
  • How working with a couple of large, enterprise customers, Ceridian and Domino’s proved to be the right strategy
  • How Bounteous was at the center of the digital revolution with Dominos
  • Why they chose a Horizontal vs. a Vertical focus on growth- broad vs. niche
  • Why Human Resources was a critical focus early on
  • The power and constraint of unicorn employees