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Feb 22, 2022

As you’re earning your first million, your costs of doing business become more complicated if you haven’t built a financial structure from the get-go.


Today, we’re graced by the presence of Joe Manganelli, founder of Calculate, a company that offers a multitude of financial services from nitty-gritty bookkeeping to big-picture strategies and forecasting.


Joe and I touch on the different aspects of operating a business from a financial perspective.


Joe also shares his insights on scaling a startup through efficient use of resources and putting up checks and balances.


If you’re looking to set up a solid structure for the management of your business’ finances, then this episode is a great place for you to start!

We talk about:


  1. Introduction [00:00]
  2. Joe’s road to founding Calculate [02:20]
  3. How Calculate started to gain momentum [05:17]
  4. Calculate’s services and how they sell it to their prospects [7:27]
  5. Best practices on scaling from the financial side of your business [11:38]
  6. Setting up your business for a good sale and using your resources effectively [14:37]
  7. Caculate’s time frame for getting involved in a company’s financial processes [19:47]
  8. Outsourcing for your business from a financial standpoint [21:19]
  9. Putting checks and balances in place as you’re growing [23:31]
  10. The numbers game of bootstrap and cash flow [28:40]
  11. The importance of implementing a zero asshole policy [31:36]
  12. Why you should strive to stick with your business’s guiding light [33:38]

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About Our Guest:

Joe Manganelli started his career in corporate jobs at financial services behemoths like Goldman Sachs, but he desired to help start companies from the ground up. 


He established Calculate in 2017 with the purpose of utilizing his knowledge of experience to growing businesses. 


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