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Jan 25, 2022

You'll have to expand outside yourself at some point, no matter how skilled you are at growing your business on your own.


Today we’re going to talk about how exactly you can do that and I have just the perfect guest for you.


Laith Masarweh is the founder of Assistantly, a company that offers virtual team member staffing solutions with a focus on workplace culture.


Laith and I dive into the value of having virtual team members or what he refers to as “Unicorns” and how we see it as the best way to scale in 2022.


This episode offers a lot of insights on growing your business this 2022 so tune in now!

We’ll talk about:

  1. Introduction [00:00]
  2. How Laith founded a VA company without any idea what a VA is [02:47]
  3. Industries that Assistantly caters to [08:30]
  4. The value of having VAs in your team [10:18]
  5. Part-time vs. full-time: How should you hire for your organization? [13:55]
  6. Why Laith believes he can start a third company [18:33]
  7. Should you hire a client success manager? [21:17]
  8. The eliminate-automate-delegate framework of running a company [28:54]
  9. The depth of skills that Assistantly VAs offer [32:49]

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About Our Guest:

Laith Masarweh, now 24, has been working for his father since he was eight years old. His second company, Assistantly, arose from the necessity to scale his first, Immursiv, a real estate marketing firm, swiftly. 

Assistantly is a virtual assistant (VA) firm that is swiftly gaining a reputation for spotting unicorns – people with an inexplicable desire to perform extremely well.

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