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Jan 18, 2022


There is no one-size-fits-all solution when your sales organization stalls. So when you face this problem, what should your focus be?


Today, I welcome Karl Becker, CEO and Founder of Improving Sales Performance and author of “Set Up To Win: Three Frameworks to a High-Performing Sales Organization.” 


In this episode, we dive into the revenue equation he came up with which helps businesses diagnose problems in their sales and marketing strategies to further optimize them. 


This conversation has been long overdue and I’ll definitely have Karl back to provide us more valuable wisdom about revenue growth so be sure to not miss this one!

We’ll talk about:

  1. Introduction [00:00]
  2. Recent changes in the B2B world that Karl has observed [5:03]
  3. A powerful story about delegation from Karl [9:18]
  4. Karl’s concept to the revenue equation [12:29]
  5. Why your value needs to be clear to scale [17:39]
  6. What’s next after you got your messaging aligned? [23:43]
  7. Understanding the buyer’s journey [29:59]
  8. Empowering your team and interacting better with your leads [31:52]
  9. Salespeople don’t like uncertainty and buyers don’t like risks [38:30]

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About Our Guest:

With over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing working with SMBs, Karl Becker founded Improving Sales Performance to help businesses find opportunities for quick wins that can increase revenue immediately.


Karl authored “Set Up To Win: Three Frameworks to a High-Performing Sales Organization,” a book that teaches you how to use the power of an organization’s greatest asset— their team —to stabilize and expand revenue over time.


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