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Jan 11, 2022

A new year knocks on our doors but our business goal remains the same. Now, what about our game plan?


Today, I welcome Sean Rosensteel back to the podcast to chat about how to kick some ass in 2022 and really drive growth in your business. 


Sean and I each share three ideas or areas that we're focused on as keys for success in 2022 each of which we discuss in detail. 


We share some strong opinions and differing ideas at times but are mostly aligned on what will and will not work this year. 


This conversation went so great that we felt we had to do a Part 2 and I am sure you will feel the same way so tune in now!

We’ll talk about:

1. Introduction [00:00]

2. The one thing our owners should be focused on for a great 2022 [2:21]

3. Crushing the new year by throwing out conventional wisdom [9:40]

a. The amazing benefit of hiring contractors [12:21]

4. The #2 in Brett and Sean’s 2022 Priority List [20:02]

5. Knowing what works best for your unique situation [26:18]

6. How stepping back to look into what you’ve already got can benefit you [31:10]

Part 2

7. The “Who Not How” Concept [36:26]

8. Fine-tuning the messaging of your company [41:23]

a. Sticking with the controlling idea of your company [48:34]

9. Getting a website that does its job with cost-effectivity [52:33]

a. WordPress vs. Squarespace [54:04]

b. It’s all about lead generation and conversion [1:00:14]

10. Providing great customer experience in 2022 [1:07:23]

a. Your process vs. what’s right for your customers [1:14:00]

11. A couple of parting wisdom to live by for 2022 [1:15:27]

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About Our Guest:

Sean Rosensteel is the owner of Savvy Pro Web, a company helping business owners build hassle-free websites that generate a steady flow of qualified leads.

Sean is also the founder of The Intentional Living Academy and the author of “The School of Intentional Living”, a book that provides insightful tips on achieving goals in the most efficient way. 

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