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B2B Zero to Ten

May 11, 2021

Climate change is a controversial topic for many.

But let’s face it. We all want to continue living on our planet.

Imagine combining capitalism and climate change. Serial entrepreneur Norman Crowley is at the forefront of climate capitalism as he pushes forward with his Cool Planet Group. Norman talks with me today about his own entrepreneurial journey and the tough lessons he has picked up.

Get to know this inspirational startup founder who has already successfully sold 3 businesses by tuning in now.


We’ll talk about:

  1. Starting his entrepreneurial journey at 15 [01:38]
    • Energy efficiency through Clarity [04:59]
    • Electrify: Converting classic cars to electric cars [06:01]
    • The future of food with Cell Ag [06:45]
  2. From gaming to climate change [04:22]
  3. His approach to growing his B2B ventures [08:21]
  4. You have to jump with both feet and learn new stuff all the time [13:56]
    • Ask yourself this: Would you want to go drinking with this hire? [19:27]
  5. How to attract the right talent to help build the business [16:07]
  6. Lazy people blame not having a process as a reason for failure [22:21]
  7. What’s changed in B2B since the past 15 years [25:31]
  8. The key to success is humanizing your business [27:49]
  9. The one thing that Norman recommends [28:49]
  10. Why founders should make sure to get good sleep [31:08]


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About Our Guest:

Norman Crowley is an inspirational international entrepreneur who founded multiple successful businesses including The Cloud - Europe's largest WIFI operator, Inspired Gaming Group - the world's largest company in the server-based gaming domain, and Trinity Commerce. His most recent venture is the Cool Planet Group, a family of environmentally positive businesses and brands that push the boundaries of sustainability.

Connect with Norman through his Twitter.


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