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B2B Founder

Aug 12, 2019

In the first 10 episodes, we have featured industry and subject matter experts that have shared their best practices and recommendations on what has worked for them and their customers. I have been mentioning in the intro that we will also be featuring Founders that have successfully led their companies through a growth journey.

I am excited to announce that the next 2 episodes will feature success stories. In the first episode, Tessa Herd-Court who is the co-founder and CEO of fast-growing, Australian based IntelligenceBank joins the show. In the second installment of the Success Series, Nicki Perchik who is the CEO and Founder of the Executive Recruiting firm NLP joins me for a conversation.

I wanted to find out from these founders how they were able to break through the eye of that needle and were able to scale their businesses.

I hope you will enjoy the conversations and thanks for listening.