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B2B Zero to Ten

Apr 13, 2021

The story of Pepperi is a story of success. 

Being in business for almost 12 years, this B2B sales platform has reached heights that most B2B founders dream of.

What did it take to get there? That was a question I wanted to dive into.

So I got Pepperi’s CEO and Cofounder, Ofer Yourvexel, to tell us himself. From offering one unified business logic to the ‘Wow’ factor that got the attention of customers, Ofer reveals that they don’t even do outbound calls. 

How did he build the momentum that got Pepperi to where they are today?

You’d have to tune in to this episode to find out.


We’ll talk about:

  1. Ofer’s personal and work background [01:23]
  2. What Pepperi offers that others don’t have [05:15]
  3. Making a pivot to get things right [08:07]
  4. The benefit of being profitable and not needing investors [10:18]
  5. The key selling proposition that hooked their first customers [11:35]
  6. Nurturing customers instead of chasing them [14:26]
  7. The impact of COVID-19 on Pepperi [18:24]
  8. What Ofer would have done differently [24:17]
  9. What’s the focus for Pepperi in 2021 [26:03]
  10. The one thing Ofer recommends [28:39]


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About Our Guest:

With almost 30 years spent working in technology, Ofer Yourvexel has played an executive role in companies such as Amdocs. In 2009, he co founded Pepperi, a B2B sales platform for brands and wholesale distributors. Pepperi connects field sales and B2B e-commerce on a single, flexible, enterprise-grade platform.

Ofer has also spent six years as an officer in the Navy. 


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