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B2B Zero to Ten

Apr 6, 2021

The saying hindsight is 20/20 holds true most of the time. 

Learning from the mistakes made by businesses that have either gone up or gone under is a worthy exercise. 

In this nearly hour-long episode, digital transformation expert, Lynda Roth, takes us back with stories from companies that rode the wave of technology change and those that didn’t and sunk in the process.   

We hear about companies such as Sears and Amazon, Blockbuster and Netflix, and even a little sewing pattern maker who craftily built a business digitally. 

Don’t get left behind and grab the lessons you can pick up in this episode. Tune in now.

We’ll talk about:

  1. Getting into and being a pioneer in I.T. [01:58]
  2. Stories of success & failure in the midst of technology change [08:05]
  3. The contents of her book - Digital Transformation [16:56]
    • Comparing Sears to Amazon [19:31]
    • Comparing Sears to Emerson Electric [23:58]
  4. Whatever business you’re in, start as a digital company [26:59]
    • How a little sewing pattern maker grew through digital [28:38]
    • When new tech changes a previous solution [34:52]
  5. Online stores have to replicate the experience in-store [38:44]
  6. An example of digital being driven by data [45:26]
  7. Mine the gold from subscription and data [47:51]
  8. Reimagine your business as a 21st-century business [50:16]
  9. Lessons from the Blockbuster story [53:29]
  10. The one thing Lynda recommends [55:06]


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About Our Guest:

For over 20 years, Lynda Roth has been leading business and technology transformations. She is the author of the book, Digital Transformation: An Executive Guide to Survive and Thrive in the New Economy. Lynda is also a frequent speaker on topics such as  I.T.-driven business optimization, successful outsourcing approaches, establishing or growing an internal I.T. department, and creating a high-functioning organization with strategic I.T.

You can connect with Lynda by emailing her at

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