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B2B Founder

Mar 16, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly did a heavy number on the B2B startup space.

We’ve seen businesses reach accelerated growth. And we’ve also seen businesses shut down.

What does this mean for the venture capitalist world? And what can we expect as we push forward into 2021?

Cofounders Capital’s Tim McLoughlin comes back one-year post-pandemic. We catch up as he shares how they have shifted in the current climate, the opportunities coming out that startups should grab, and what else he sees in the tech space. 

Jump into this powerful episode to find out what this venture capitalist sees coming up next. 


We’ll talk about:

  1. Cofounders Capital investments in North Carolina [01:58]
  2. The amount of deal flow they get [04:34]
  3. Don’t do this in your pitch email to VC funds [06:18]
  4. Putting a COVID lens on startups [09:47]
  5. The opportunity present in building the culture for a remote workforce [12:53]
  6. A look ahead to 2021: Will the acceleration of certain trends continue? [16:34]
  7. Will there be consolidation in the B2B tech space? [19:20]
  8. Ease of buying is a competitive advantage [23:09]
  9. Be thoughtful, purposeful about going out and building your network [26:31]
  10. Tim’s First Check podcast launching in March 2021 [31:24]

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About Our Guest:

As a Partner at Cofounders Capital, Tim McLoughlin is very involved in the North Carolina startup ecosystem. He has served as adviser and board member to several early-stage software companies. Prior to joining CoFounders Capital, Tim was an Entrepreneur in Residence for the Idea Fund Partners.


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