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B2B Founder

Mar 2, 2021

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In today’s data-focused, consumer-driven market, having insights into the customer mind is priceless.

Getting access to that data though is another thing. But this is where innovation steps in.

A pioneer of the restech or research technology landscape, Patrick Comer combines research, data analysis, and technology in his company, Lucid. We talk about their startup to scale-up story, the learnings they’ve picked up on, the shifts they’ve made, plus more.

Don’t miss this episode on this extraordinary startup making waves in the industry. 

We’ll talk about:

  1. Lucid and the work they do in the research tech space [01:33]
  2. Why insights are now part of an enterprise’ competitive advantage [03:46]
  3. Patrick’s reason for starting Lucid [06:40]
  4. The innovative business model of Lucid [10:08]
  5. Key learnings in growing to $100M [13:26]
  6. Competition can help you grow [17:53]
  7. There’s a lot of value in giving away all your good stuff [21:50]
  8. The creation of the restech industry is for all companies [23:25]
  9. When you are in the scaling process, documentation matters [24:28]
  10. How Patrick shifted from the startup CEO to the scaling CEO [26:49]
  11. Realizing the importance of culture and values [30:38]
  12. The switch to a decentralized office [33:11]
  13. The competition for talent is now global [35:06]
  14. What’s next for Lucid [37:48]
  15. The one thing Patrick recommends [40:38]

About Our Guest:

As the Founder and CEO of Lucid, Patrick Comer pioneered the restech or research technology landscape. Lucid provides access to first-party survey data in over 100 countries. A successful growth story that shows how innovation is a key driver, their mission is to change how the world’s answers are accessed.

Patrick welcomes anyone to reach out to him through his Twitter


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