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Feb 23, 2021

With today’s CEOs being like celebrities and coming out as the face of their brand, personal branding is now even more important for startups.

Thus, founders need to understand that it is in the best interest of their company for them to get out there and get loud. 

Personal brand strategist, Claire Bahn, joins me in today’s episode on branding. Find out what you need to do to get started, the common pitfalls people make, and lots of tips for building your personal brand.

The right time to build your personal brand is now, so don’t miss this valuable episode!

We’ll talk about:

  1. Claire’s journey to becoming a personal brand strategist [01:38]
  2. What exactly is personal branding [02:54]
  3. The move from features and benefits to the face behind the brand [05:15]
  4. Your brand is already out there [06:16]
  5. The first step is to plan it out [08:14]
  6. You are your biggest advocate [11:20]
  7. Niche down first and own your space [14:19]
  8. You’re not just selling your name but the overall business [16:10]
  9. Founders act as the face while the business backs him up [18:20]
  10. Having a personal connection helps businesses take off [21:14]
  11. Get over imposter syndrome: Be loud & proud [22:46]
  12. Give your employees a reason to go that extra mile [28:45]
  13. You don’t have to be an extrovert: Practice makes perfect [31:26]
  14. Common pitfalls when starting to build a brand [33:16]
  15. What’s next for Claire [35:48]
  16. Those who solidify their place as industry leaders get the job [37:09]
  17. The one thing Claire recommends [39:38]

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About Our Guest:

A former model and actress, Claire Bahn later delved into personal branding and co-founded the Claire Bahn Group. With over 70K followers on her social media, Claire knows the importance of building your own personal brand. 

An advocate for ditching the model of corporations as faceless entities, she helps entrepreneurs, investors, founders, and executives create their best personal brand to develop their authority, influence, and trust. With that said, Claire’s work for over 10 years has enabled companies to achieve their business goals. 

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