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Feb 16, 2021

Landing a new customer outside of a founder’s network is one of the biggest hurdles faced by B2B companies looking to scale.

So in our first Tactical Tuesday episode, we take a look at this problem from a management consultant’s perspective. 

Faheem Mossa and I go through his process for getting high-paying clients. Faheem shares a ton of insights on what selling is all about, dealing with multiple buyers in a company, and much more. Don’t miss out on this strategic episode by tuning in now!

We’ll talk about:

  1. Faheem’s background and the value of a management consultant’s expertise [02:10]
  2. Sales is about understanding the problem & empathizing with the prospect [04:24]
  3. There are multiple buyers within a company with different things they care about [06:13]
  4. Faheem’s recommended approach for dealing with multiple buyers [09:49]
  5. You have to speak your customer’s language [13:15]
  6. Start slightly broad, understand the market, then pick one vertical [14:41]
  7. Don’t pitch, but talk about the value can give [18:17]
  8. How to ask for the sale [20:39]
  9. Don’t pressure the buyer to decide before they’re ready [23:29]
  10. There’s no point in endlessly following up [26:01]
  11. Make sure you are top of mind [27:23]

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About Our Guest:

As a former management consultant, Faheem Moosa knows how to consistently get clients into his pipeline and build a profitable business. Now, he helps business consultants land 2-4 high-paying clients in 90 Days without using advertising or getting referrals.  

You can connect with Faheem through his LinkedIn.


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