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Dec 29, 2020

As your business is starting to take off, how do you create brand awareness and reel more customers in?

The answer lies in media publication and podcast exposure. But the challenge is pitching yourself to journalists and podcast hosts.

Let the world know about you and your business as Brittney Lynn, Founder and CEO of Britney Lynn PR, joins us today to talk about public relations for founders and business owners. Learn how you can pitch yourself more effectively to reach your target audience and get word out about your business. We’ll also hear some amazing and practical tips to help get you started with PR and get down to the nitty gritty of Brittney’s business.

Find out how you can grow your business through the power of media by tuning in to this episode now.


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We’ll talk about:

How Britney quit her job and fell into the PR world [01:20]

The essence of PR and “done for you” services in the podcasting space [07:13]

Building the audience’s trust factor and getting your story told [10:10]

The importance of building lasting relationships for the long game [14:12]

Why founders need podcast exposure [16:27]

What should your content strategy be before hiring a publicist? [19:17]

Understanding your audience to add more value to your content [24:19]

Some tips to get started with PR and marketing [27:02]

The benefit of using LinkedIn to grow your connections [32:45]

The big no-nos in PR [36:49]

How to pitch yourself to different media platforms [37:56]

The significance of media sheets [41:56]

What’s next for Brittney [43:34]

The one thing that Brittney recommends [44:38]


About Our Guest:

Initially part of the marketing team of her previous company, Brittney L Lynn discovered just how much media exposure, especially podcasts, can do for founders and entrepreneurs. That’s what led her to found Britney Lynn PR, a company dedicated to helping online entrepreneurs grow through strategic public relations and marketing strategies. Now in its 5th year, her business continues to make great strides in the world of public relations for entrepreneurs.


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