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Dec 22, 2020

B2B startups may not see branding as crucial at the start. With half in the space focusing on features and benefits, you could be missing out on a powerful tool for building momentum for your business.

Today’s episode is all about branding. Tacklebox’s David Kelbaugh covers the different misconceptions involving branding. What is his definition of it, and why your end goal should be to turn customers into your advocates. We also talk about the tactics that no longer work such as lower funnel performance marketing, and the steps any startup can take to build their brand.

It’s time to take action on your company’s brand. So tune in and grab some amazing insights on what you can do.


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We’ll be talking about:

David’s background in advertising [01:20]

The type of companies they help to build momentum [03:30]

The definition of branding and why is it critical [05:40]

Your goal is to transform customers into advocates [10:20]

Not everyone has to like your brand [15:14]

Be experimental to gain attention of your customers [18:29]

Marketing should be more brand, less product [21:00]

Four brand steps startups should be thinking about [30:55]

Your logo and name are not that important [35:37] 

What’s next for David [38:31]

The one thing David recommends [41:32]

About Our Guest:

After working with big advertising agencies for 15 years, David Kelbaugh started Tacklebox Brand Partners. Initially starting out as a market research firm, Tacklebox has since expanded to a full service marketing agency. David now uses his marketing expertise towards helping early stage companies get their brand right so that they can build the momentum that allows them to win.


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