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Dec 15, 2020

Most of our work as business owners involves a lot of thinking. But how much do we really know about our brain power and mental capabilities?

There’s so much of our brain that we don’t understand yet, but the propensity to do the things that we do goes all the way back to our primal instincts. However, what does understanding our brain have to do with marketing and business?

Let’s unravel the mystery as Tim Ash, world-renowned keynote speaker and author of Unleash Your Primal Brain, joins us in today’s scintillating episode on the psychology of marketing and business. Today’s topic is all about the brain as we dissect and examine why getting a good night’s sleep is essential, why you’re not really multitasking the way you think you are, and what finding and creating your own tribe means to your business.

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We’ll talk about:

How Tim went from computer science to marketing [01:54]

The adoption of digital optimization in the B2B space [04:39]

Writing his book “Unleash Your Primal Brain” [07:31]

Misconceptions about how the brain works [12:15]

The four stages of learning [16:49]

The essence of getting a good night’s sleep [18:11]

Is multitasking productive or counterproductive? [23:32]

How being in an office work environment decreases productivity [25:29]

The benefit of working from home [27:19]

The link between the transmit culture and marketing [31:00]

Creating your own tribe to grow your business [35:03]

Tim’s views on sleep, company culture, and tribal values [39:00]

What’s next for Tim [41:45]

The one thing that Tim highly recommends [45:36]

About Our Guest:

An evolutionary psychology expert and world-renowned keynote speaker, Tim Ash is well-known for his two bestselling books, Landing Pages Optimization and Unleash Your Primal Brain. He is also a sought-after marketing advisor who founded Digital Growth Unleashed. Now, he is the CEO and Co-Founder of Site Tuners, a digital optimization agency that has been helping businesses scale by taking a strategic approach to business acceleration since 2001.


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