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Nov 24, 2020

Technology is a central component we see in startups nowadays. But the part technology plays in the business is an area that deserves better focus.

In today’s episode, startup mentor, JC Garrett, talks about the importance of defining the role of technology in any startup, whether it is tech centric or tech enabled. While there is no right choice, having that clarity is key, as we are seeing paradigm shifts accelerated by the current COVID pandemic. We also discuss the opportunities that come up during these difficult times and why now is the right time to start a business.

Find out how the balance of business and technology play together by tuning in to this episode. 


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We’ll be talking about:

What led to JC being an advocate of technology [01:38]

Startups should figure out if they’re tech centric or tech enabled [05:10]

There is no one right choice, just define who you are [09:01]

Before product and features, market efficacy comes first [14:07]

COVID and the shift towards new technology implementation [17:43]

Startups need to progress through the three stages of sales [23:04]

Why NOW is the best time to start a business [27:19]

Words of wisdom every startup founder should follow [36:59]

What’s next for JC [38:50] 

The one thing JC recommends [40:30]

About Our Guest:

Having worked with hundreds of startups in the past 10 years, JC Garrett is passionate about coaching, mentoring, and consulting with founders. Through FarShore Partners, he has helped launch and scale over 250 growth startups, which have gone on to raise $1B in financing. JC is an advocate for defining the role of technology in any venture as he continues to work in executing scalable IT solutions and accessible software resources that allow businesses to leverage their vision.

You can connect with JC through his LinkedIn or send him an email at


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