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Nov 10, 2020

The goal of any B2B founder is to expand and strengthen the company’s network. 

With today’s technology, public relations and marketing strategies are no longer restricted to written and printed ads. The rise of new media has led to new ways of reaching a wider audience. This is where podcasting steps in as more founders realize the impact and reach of this new platform.

Today, we have top-rated podcaster Jeremy Ryan Slate who emphasizes the role of podcast guesting as not just a public relations but also business development tool. We cover the do’s and don’ts and how to get maximum value.

Tune in to this mini masterclass on how to get on a podcast and leverage that. 


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We’ll be talking about:


  1. Why Jeremy got into the B2B space and podcasting [02:02]
  2. Podcasting as a PR strategy [05:34]
  3. Podcast guesting tip #1: Establish your credibility [10:02]
  4. Podcast guesting tip #2: Determine your target audience [11:51]
  5. Podcast guesting tip #3: Leave a compelling call to action [12:21]
  6. Do not make the podcast about you [14:00]
  7. Podcast guesting is a PR action, not a marketing action [15:22]
  8. Don’t force people down the buying path, be helpful and awesome [18:13]
  9. Build trust and credibility as a host [19:08]
  10. If you want to be on a show, be resourceful [21:02]
  11. Best practice for after the episode airs [23:31]
  12. Getting the most from your guest experience [27:21]
  13. Effective ways to promote on LinkedIn [29:38]
  14. Common mistakes of podcast guests [31:46]
  15. What’s next for Jeremy [35:18]
  16. The one thing Jeremy recommends: ‘Don’t drink milk on a hot date’ [36:05]


About Our Guest:

A former champion powerlifter, Jeremy Ryan Slate switched to new media and started the Create Your Own Life Podcast, which became, at one point, the #1 rated show on iTunes. With over 2.5 million downloads, the Create Your Own Life Podcast studies the highest performers in the world. It propelled Jeremy’s success in podcasting and led to him later founding the Command Your Brand Media to help leaders use the power of podcasts to change the world.


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