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Nov 3, 2020

Businesses are no longer single units. Businesses are ecosystems. 

In today’s podcast episode, Kurt Johnson of 11.2 Ventures will discuss how the gears run within the company when it comes to building small businesses and products and how it fits into all the other enterprises that they manage. 

We will also talk about the shift in the marketing perspective and technologies from ten years ago, around the time that Kurt started dipping in the B2B business circle, up to the present. Also, he presents how the B2B market is not only a business nor a product, rather, it is an entire platform. 

If you want to hear more about the business ecosystem, listen to today’s episode now!


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We’ll be talking about:

Kurt’s involvement in B2B startups [02:07]

Transitions in B2B sales methods from 2012 [03:04]

Salespeople educate on what the customers know [05:38]

Gaining traction for the business’ growth [07:45]

Weighing the leverage of marketing opportunities [11:24]

Businesses are ecosystems [13:51]

Approach of selling into an ecosystem [17:51]

Why Kurt established 11.2 Ventures [22:08]

The B2B market is a platform [26:28]

The ideation process of Kurt’s business ideas [28:27]

Long term visions for 11.2’s product or businesses [31:15]

Eradicate the founder’s bias [34:24]

Working with a certain type of founder [39:55]

Customers, connections, and capital [41:16]

What’s next for Kurt and 11.2 Ventures [47:12]

The one thing Kurt recommends [48:26]


About Our Guest:

Kurt Johnson is the co-founder of 11.2 Ventures and one of its current managing partners. Johnson is an author and entrepreneur who primarily works with B2B startups. Together with the team behind 11.2 Ventures, they ensure a greater likelihood of success for businesses and investors. 


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