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B2B Zero to Ten

Oct 27, 2020

Cold calls and hard sells need to say goodbye. 

As sales reps, there is a very short timeframe to capture your prospects’ attention. Don’t bore and put them off by acting as if you are presenting the solutions to problems that you don’t even know about. 

In today’s episode, we learn a thing or two about how humor improves rapport-building for sales reps, executives, and founders from Jon Selig, who does comedy and sales for a living. We learn how to create effective jokes specifically for your clients. 

If you want to know more about this refreshing take at sales talking, this episode is for you!


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We’ll be talking about: 

Jon’s professional background [01:40]

Parallels between standup comedy and sales [05:19]

What exactly is a joke [08:10]

Great comedians and founders stick to what works [11:08]

Creating excellent content [13:22]

Workshop sessions with Jon [14:02]

How Jon incorporates humor in sales [16:32]

Jokes build connections [27:13]

What’s next for Jon [29:42]

One thing that Jon recommends [31:47]

About Our Guest:

After twelve years of selling technology, Jon Selig is now a part-time comic and part-time sales person. Selig performs stand-up skits for companies who need a boat and facilitates workshops for companies to learn how to “roast their prospects’ pain”. He uses jokes in the same way as cold calls, cold emails, and social selling among others. 

You can reach out to Jon through his LinkedIn.


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