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B2B Zero to Ten

Oct 20, 2020

What works before may not work now. Upfront and distant hard selling hardly ever brings in clients anymore. 

The approach in dealing with clients has long evolved and salespeople need to let go of textbook strategies.

Today’s podcast episode will feature an in-depth conversation with Diane Helbig, a growth accelerator and the host of the Accelerate Your Business Growth podcast. We talk about her newest book, Succeed Without Selling, and how this global pandemic actually accelerated the shift in the role of salespeople, and how fast the sales perspective is changing.  

If you want to close sales and gain profit by doing things effectively, this episode is for you!


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We’ll be talking about:

Diane’s professional expertise and background [01:48]

Incorporating influence from other experts’ points of view [04:52]

The reason behind writing Succeed Without Selling [07:01]

Selling is discovery, connection, and problem solving [09:33]

Engage a dialogue with your client rather than do a monologue [11:45]

Each client is a prospect [13:57]

Build a community for your business [16:16]

The transition of a salesperson’s role [22:32]

Marketing and selling go hand-in-hand [24:27]

Tips for B2B founders [27:27]

What’s next for Diane [29:13]

One thing Diane recommends [32:01]

About Our Guest:

Diane Helbig is the author of the bestselling book, Lemonade Stand Selling, and host of the long-running business podcast, Accelerate Your Business Growth. She is a growth accelerator focusing on creating strategies for small business owners across all industries. Helbig also provides workshops and presentations regarding business topics, such as sales, social media, leadership, and business planning. 

You can reach out to Diane through her website.


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