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B2B Zero to Ten

Oct 13, 2020

As the year is coming to a close, how do you plan on re kick-starting your business?

Founders experience 2020 in different ways. But the one thing they need to focus on is how to quickly adapt to the changing times as buyers’ preferences have changed with it.

Listening to your buyers’ needs can be a game changer for your business as we focus on being buyer-centric with SMB / SME adviser and my repeat guest, Michael Haynes. We talk about touching base with your customers as well as with your team to make sure your business rises back up as we kick-start the second half of 2020!

Refocus, reignite, and rise in these challenging times by tuning in to this episode now!


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We’ll be talking about:

Michael Haynes zeroing in on the buyer-centric approach [02:20]

How B2B companies are faring in 2020 [04:58]

What you need to do to refocus, reignite, and rise in Q3 and Q4 [07:22]

Why you need to talk to your current and former buyers [09:27]

Reinforcing decision-maker confidence on risk-averse buyers [11:23]

Three key things you need to deliver to your buyers [17:08]

In these times, focus on the need-to-have instead of the nice-to-have [20:39]

The “Listen, Innovate, Grow” framework [25:01]

There’s no better time to be in tune with your customers than now [28:45]

Touch base with your team more frequently than before [30:25]

What’s next for Michael [32:12]

The one thing that Michael recommends [34:22]


About Our Guest:

Having launched his book, “Listen, Innovate, Grow”, Michael Haynes firmly believes in a buyer-centric approach as a business. He is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Listen Innovate Grow, which has been helping SMEs create buyer-driven strategies to acquire and retain customers. Michael works as an SME B2B Customer and Marketing Strategy Adviser helping CEOs and their teams by empowering them to understand and deliver to their business’ buyer needs. Based in Australia, he’s been in the business for more than 9 years and is continuing to help drive business growth and performance.

You can get in touch with Michael through his LinkedIn.


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