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B2B Zero to Ten

Oct 6, 2020

With over 6,500 branding books on the market, how do you identify what truly works and which tactics are merely a waste of time?

Branding is the key to scaling a business regardless of whether you’re B2B or B2C because at the end of the day, it’s about talking to another human.

A 40-year veteran of branding, David Brier, walks us through his process for achieving differentiation, the brands that have successfully stood out and those who have failed, his perspective on growing beyond your network, and so much more.

Transform your startup from the mundane into awesome by tuning in to this episode.


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We’ll be talking about:

40 years of helping businesses be bold and stand out [02:18]

Branding as the art of differentiation [06:47]

Why you need to get your branding right [13:06]

The process for getting companies to identify what makes them different [17:21]

The greatest brands are built on a set of values [22:54]

Don’t think of it as B2B, think of it as human to human [27:11]

The difference between Microsoft and Apple [30:17]

Complacency and stagnancy will kill your business [35:42] 

It’s not a matter of everyone knowing you, but the right people knowing you [37:01]

A book as a powerful tool for scaling [45:35]

David’s book and masterclass [47:19]

The one thing that David recommends [49:31]


About Our Guest:

A branding veteran with 40 years of experience in strategy, brand identity, and package design, best-selling author David Brier is the epitome of the no bullshit marketer. His book, Brand Intervention: 33 Steps to Transform the Brand You Have into the Brand You Need, has been labelled “the branding bible”. Passionately advocating differentiation over the mundane, David has been responsible for building the brands of well-known companies such as the New York City Ballet, Revlon, Legacy Chocolates, The New York Times magazine and many others.

You can connect with David on LinkedIn or Instagram. Get inside tips on branding and business growth with David’s One-Minute Wednesdays on YouTube.


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