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B2B Zero to Ten

Sep 22, 2020

If worse comes to worst, how much would you be able to get for your business?

Most founders fail to appreciate the importance of planning ahead. When the time comes for them to exit their company, they get disappointed by how much their startup is valued.

In today’s episode, I talk with Domenic Rinaldi, President & Managing Partner at Sun Acquisitions, about why founders always need to think of maximizing their business’ value and how it ties in with their end game.

Don’t let those years of business-building go to waste. Increase your market value by tuning in to this episode!


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We’ll be talking about:

Domenic’s journey into the M&A space [01:38]

Launching the M&A Unplugged podcast [03:48]

Always think of your business’ endgame [05:55]

Understand and optimize the value drivers of your business [09:46]

Never let one client’s share of your sales exceed 10% [10:55]

Should non-subscription type businesses start charging for subscriptions? [14:32]

Have a backup solution for when the vendor’s market strategy changes [16:16]

Founders need to practice removing themselves from the business [17:58]

Get a good accountant who understands exits and taxation [21:16]

Buying a business vs starting a business from scratch [24:14]

Be fully prepared if you want to buy a business [27:05]

Get your business to adapt to the digital transformation [30:33]

What’s next for Sun Acquisitions [33:03]

The one thing that Domenic recommends [34:39]

About Our Guest:

In 2005, Domenic Rinaldi had acquired Sun Acquisitions and became its President and Managing Partner. He helps several privately-held companies prepare for the sale or acquisition of businesses. He specializes in Certified Business Intermediary. He also hosts a podcast called “M&A Unplugged,” helping founders gain a full understanding of the buying and selling process, as well as learn how they can add more value to their business.

You can reach out to Domenic through his email.


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