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B2B Zero to Ten

Sep 8, 2020

Is having better technology the first answer to scaling your business?

At the start of the 21st century, people got so caught up in relying on technology to make their lives easier and their business processes better that they forgot the basic and most important building block of all: people. 

This week, we’ll be putting more emphasis on the people side of the business with Lisa L. Levy, author of Future Proofing Cubed, and why founders need to prioritize it above all else.

Learn how you can build a stronger, more customer-centric business by tuning in to this episode today.


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We’ll be talking about:

Lisa and the LCubed Consulting [01:33]

The people component is still essential despite technological advancements [05:25]

Keep your team in the loop regarding company changes [07:38]

Memorialize your superhero employees through putting in processes [11:47]

How to incorporate the company DNA into your team [15:11]

The key to improving your team’s process is by being customer-centric [19:40]

How founders can slowly automate their processes [27:33]

The sacred sequence that startups need to know [31:48]

Focusing on technology on the first phase is a recipe for disaster [33:49]

Make sure you interact with your employees regularly [36:02]

Remind your employees not to mix life and work in this day and age [40:07]

What’s next for Lisa [42:04]

The one thing that Lisa recommends [43:25]


About Our Guest:

Well-known for her project management and process performance management skills, Lisa L. Levy has helped several organizations achieve their goals by adapting better business processes. She is the Founder and CEO of LCubed Consulting and is the #1 bestselling author of the book “Future Proofing Cubed.”  She has also guested on several media outlets including NBC, ABC, CBS, to name a few.


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