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B2B Zero to Ten

Sep 1, 2020

Getting word out about your product is one thing. But getting your buyers to hear your message is another.

Nothing has been more relevant in this day and age than the use of online marketing tools to connect with your buyers. Simply spreading the message without putting too much thought in the value you’re giving in your interactions with prospects is just not going to work anymore.

In this episode, we’ll talk about making your content crispier for your prospective clients with Diana Mitchell, Digital Marketing Consultant at Peoplemover. 

If you want to find out what makes your customers tick, then this episode is a gold mine of incredible and insightful information for you.


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We’ll be talking about:

Being a fractional CMO before it was a thing [01:39]

The experience of being a guest on Oprah [02:26]

Opportunities are present in B2B marketing [03:50]

How companies reacted to the pandemic [05:59]

Invest in buyer enablement instead of sales enablement [09:07]

Your online content has to be up to par [13:56]

Don’t be afraid to give away 99% of your great stuff [16:09]

Now’s the time to have conversations and give value [17:34]

Focus on what your prospects would like to hear [21:31]

Treat your customers like prospects and your prospects like customers [27:57]

Re-engage with those already in your customer database [33:24]

Three things new founders should do [35:23]

Provide value, don’t sell [38:02]

Get yourself a good writer [39:08]

What’s next for Diana [41:17]

The one thing Diana recommends [42:04]


About Our Guest:

Diana Mitchell appeared as a two-time guest in Oprah and in a movie featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. She is an Outsourcing Content & Digital Marketing Manager as well as Marketing Coach & Mentor at Peoplemover, helping junior marketing teams excel, and increasing leads and revenue for companies through her senior-level marketing team. In the next few months, Diana is preparing to launch her podcast “Moms Who Lead” designed for leaders who are supermoms at the same time.

Connect with Diana on LinkedIn.


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