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B2B Zero to Ten

Aug 18, 2020

Getting a customer to buy your product after trying for so many hours, days, or weeks is a priceless feeling. Imagine if you can do it in just minutes.

Most entrepreneurs make the rookie mistake of building a business without a framework in mind. Thus, the client intake and sales process become a massive mess that creates a lot of friction and will eventually tire them out in the years to come. However, it’s not too late to unravel the chaos.

Today, Anthony Coundouris, author of run_frictionless, shares with us the 4Qs that will help solve your sales problems.

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We’ll be talking about:

Overview of today’s topic [01:18]

Being occupied in creating the playbook [01:40]

The path that led to writing run_frictionless [03:04]

The type of companies Anthony worked with [04:42]

Scale yourself out of the business rather than throw yourself out [06:05]

The value of a sale that didn’t need the founder’s involvement [07:58]

The 4 Quadrants as a decision-making framework [10:11]

Making sure your products or services are aligned with the right customer [14:12]

Understand the limitations of your product or service [17:15]

Why a Q1 and Q3 fit is better [20:43]

The importance of selling to those who share your belief [24:22]

Sharing your Q3 with an online audience [30:53]

Hire someone who shares the same beliefs [33:35]

Serve your customers in the fastest way possible [36:32]

What’s next for Anthony [43:35]

The one thing Anthony recommends [44:35]


About Our Guest:

Anthony Coundouris is the founder and author of run_frictionless, a playbook that helps entrepreneurs achieve predictable sales. He has assisted in scaling small and large businesses for a decade and has consulted with big companies worldwide. With his experience as a founder for two startups, he has seen where businesses fail short and is dedicated to guiding companies out of that direction.


You can connect with Anthony on LinkedIn.


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