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Mar 31, 2020

On this episode, I have a conversation with Dr. David Arrington — author, speaker and the Principal and Chief Operating Officer of Arrington Coaching.  They fundamentally help executives realize their vision and create sustainable change through 3-dimensional coaching. David shares his journey as a first-time founder and the key lessons he learned.  He also shares leadership and culture best practices. 

Key 1st Time Founder Lessons:

  • “I would argue that it's all pivots….if you're not pivoting, you're probably not moving forward”
  • “Everybody wants to make a million dollars with their business, very few people do, because most people don't have plans. They just have an aspiration”
  • “Stop reading books about growing your business and just work on your business”
  • I love the Colin Powell, quote, he would say that when he had 70% of the information, he would make a decision, he would move forward. This is when he was a general in Battlefield situations”
  • When we look at culture, I like to think of it as the air of an organization because I say no one notices it until it stinks, right. You have a culture you always when you get two people together, you're creating a culture. The problem is most cultures are and they're not intentional”
  • “I would early on bring on people who are going to help you make money. Because that's why businesses go out of business because of cash flows……cash flow covers a multitude of sins”
  • “Good leadership is almost hidden under a co-located environment….bad leadership becomes very visible when you go remote.”

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