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Mar 24, 2020

On this episode, I have a conversation with Jack Chen, the CEO and Co-Founder of SWIDIA (a performance marketing partner for high-growth companies and venture-funded startup). Jack worked for 10+ years in the content and influencer space before co-founding SWIDIA.

Jack and team are changing the way brands are thinking about growth marketing.

They take a four-pronged approach to growth: Strategy, Media Planning, Conversion Centric Creative and Analytics. The results have been incredibly impressive. They are working with brands such as Cameo, Dude Wipes, Radish and many others.

Key 1st Time Founder Lessons:
- The keys to really scale a company, you need to make sure that everything you're doing is trackable, measurable and scalable.
- How complimentary skills between the co-founders (Creative & Analytics) was the right combination for SWIDIA.
- Don’t copy someone else’s story, create your own.
- The difference between performance marketing and traditional agency marketing and how to incorporate into your growing business.
- How 1st Time Founders should be thinking about performance marketing in their growth plans.
- How to successfully work with operating partners to assist with growth and the key questions to ask.