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B2B Zero to Ten

Dec 31, 2019

On this episode, we welcome Christine Perakis to the program.  Christine, AKA the Storm Warrior, is a serial entrepreneur, business coach and author. 

Christine’s first entrepreneurial venture was a fragrance company. Since then, she has started, grown and expanded 9 others as well as advised 100s of clients on five continents.

Her remarkable journey includes surviving two record-breaking category 5 hurricanes, including the first one that left her buried alive for nearly 24 hours and forced her to survive without electricity, running water and telecoms for a couple of months on an isolated adopted-island nation. 

The leadership and resilience lessons that she learned have been incorporated into her next book, The Resilient Leader, which is being released in 2020.

In this episode Christine offers strategies that anyone can use to weather the inevitable storms of life and business and come through thriving.