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Sep 7, 2021

One brilliant idea can result in a product or service that customers patronize.

But coming up with an idea is just the first step. It takes great development, adaptation, harmonization, and execution of several ideas before you finally end up with something that your clients will keep coming back to.

In today’s episode, I welcome Danielle Gillespie, founder of Ideas Last, a tech geek who has thrived on building rock solid products that people love for 25 years.

Danielle and I talk about the approaches she does to help companies propel to success starting from one business idea. She also provides useful tips on getting the most out of business ideas and how to adapt or ditch them according to customers’ needs.

If you have an idea on how you can start a business that will bring you good fortune but you’re lost as to how you will maximize it, this episode is the perfect guide for you.

We’ll talk about:

  1. Introduction [00:00]
  2. How Danielle’s framework helps startup ideas flourish [03:26]
  3. Planning your company’s success with Danielle [06:20]
  4. Adapting original ideas into something that people want [10:06]
  5. Having the idea and passion to solve a problem   [15:40]
  6. When you should pivot and make a market shift [18:05]
  7. Being receptive to criticisms [22:26]
  8. Danielle’s advice on growing a $10-million business [23:30]
  9. The approach used by Danielle in getting great hires [27:50]
  10.  What Danielle looks forward to for startups in the near future [31:54]
  11. Danielle’s accountability tip [37:12]


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About Our Guest:

Danielle Gillespie has over 25 years of experience developing tech products in different industries including hospitality, health and wellness, manufacturing, retail and first responders. She founded her own company, Ideas Last, and has held various product development roles.

Danielle actively advises a handful of startup tech companies and has helped bring several concepts to life that began as an idea on a paper napkin, combining client demand with budget, timeline, and business case. She excels in converting consumer feedback and data into a positive user experience.


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