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B2B Zero to Ten

Aug 3, 2021

What does it take to build a high-performing team? Is it about getting the best talents? Or building the best program? 

We have a unique episode this time as I interview Gene Heidkamp, the basketball coach at Benet Academy. The Redwings netted the 3rd most wins in Northern Illinois from 2010-2020 making them one of the most successful high school basketball programs of the decade.

I believe B2B startups can learn several lessons from Coach Heidkamp’s approach. From how he built the program, getting the team to buy in, dealing with adversity, to setting the expectations for the season, this interview definitely gives us an insider look into the mind of a great leader.

Be sure to catch this episode as it’s a must listen! 

We’ll talk about:

  1. What made the Benet Program successful [04:50]
  2. The importance of sacrifice in the success of the program [06:09]
  3. Coach Heidkamp’s philosophy [07:53]
  4. Why defense is the backbone that leads to wins [13:06]
  5. The key is to be detail oriented [15:41]
  6. Dealing with adversity [18:57]
  7. How the Coach got the team to buy in [20 :13]
  8. The approach towards those who don’t buy in [24:22]
  9. Everybody needs to bring in value and be valued [27:21]
  10. Focusing on presence instead of setting expectations on wins [30:54]
  11. What can we expect from the team this year [33:06]
  12. Why the Coach stays away from preseason predictions [34:30]
  13. The one thing Coach Heidkamp highly recommends [35:59]


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About Our Guest:

Gene Heidkamp is the long-time teacher and head basketball coach at Benet Academy. During his tenure, he led the Redwings to win 300 games. Having had only three Division I scholarship players in the last decade, Coach Heidkamp is one of the top high school coaches in Illinois and has led the team to achieve tremendous success.

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