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Jul 20, 2021

The global workforce is fast becoming remote and borderless. 

The current technologies in the human resources space pose so many challenges for companies like Eppione, but along with it comes the enormous potential for scale and profitability as well.

In this episode, David Kindlon, shares with us how their company is catching up with the demands from HR tech platforms and how they are disrupting the insurance industry through their SaaS.


We’ll talk about:

  1. How David started in the HR tech space [01:49]
  2. Finding the RIGHT co-founders in business [08:25]
  3. From mere idea to actual product with early adopters [10:03]
  4. SaaS is where the future of money is for Eppione [11:45]
  5. The insurance industry is still using old tech stacks [15:08]
  6. Global remote work changes the landscape for HR technology [16:53]
  7. The pivot directed by user feedback [19:19]
  8. What David would have done in the early stages of the business [21:38]
  9. Be ready with a plan before getting funding [23:18]
  10. When should the business have processes in place? [24:11]
  11. Funding is finding the RIGHT money [27:57]
  12. Don’t be afraid of competition [30:05]
  13. The one thing David recommends [34:39]


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About Our Guest:

David Kindlon is the CEO of Eppione, an intelligent HR solutions company from Ireland with several locations in the world. Their cloud-based solutions enable companies to have flexibility and understand their unique workforce.  

David is passionate about supporting businesses to empower, nurture, and inspire their workforce through technology

Connect with David through his LinkedIn

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