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Jul 13, 2021

The world of selling has changed so much. It’s no longer just putting up a website and a couple of clicks later - Bam! You just made a sale. 

David Premier comes back to the show as we get knee deep into founder-led selling. Why are we seeing founders struggle and face a lot of inefficiencies? David goes over the little, but actually big misses that stop startups for getting over that hurdle.

From the image you need to present the prospective buyer to how you make that discovery call, learn what’s going to make your customers buy. So tune in now.


We’ll talk about:

  1. A quick background on David [02:17]  
  2. Why you need to look at how you speak to a customer [04:30]  
  3. Being consistent with your mission and vision will get you farther [08:54]
  4. How to move from features & benefits to problem solving [11:58] 
  5. Think about how you can sound different [16:52] 
  6. People buy the product that aligns with their mental image [18:08]
    • Think about that unknown, unspoken [24:33] 
    • Get them to tell you what they don’t want you to know [25:13]
  7. Tips for making that discovery call [23:00]
    • What a customer tells you isn’t what the objection is about [29:02]
  8. You don’t have to overcome all objections [27:44]
  9. Your message and marketing are for helping shape the customer’s journey [33:03]
  10. The one thing that David highly recommends [36:45]


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About Our Guest:

David Priemer is the Founder and Chief Sales Scientist of Cerebral Selling, a modern sales training built through the lens of science and empathy. 

David is the author of the highly recommended book, Sell The Way You Buy, which came out last April 2020.

Get more of his free content on their YouTube. Or connect with David on Instagram or Twitter.

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