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Jul 6, 2021

In a busy world of entrepreneurship, staying fit and healthy has always been quite a struggle. 

In this episode, Gav Gillibrand, takes us back memory lane to his journey from being a male stripper back in the ’90s to being a Fitness Instructor and now to being a Fitness and Nutrition Coach. Learn how he was able to scale a one-on-one, service-based profession to a highly scalable and highly profitable Fitness and Nutrition Coaching business. 

Learn how working less but making more can be made possible by knowing 


We’ll talk about:

  1. How Gav transitioned from the world of stripping to the world of fitness [01:37]
  2. Scaling the personal trainer profession [09:30]
  3. LinkedIn as the best B2B platform to connect with ideal clients [13:04]
  4. Power of video for fitness and nutrition coaches [17:38]
  5. People want to buy from a person not a company [21:51] 
  6. It’s okay to say things some people disagree with [24:20]
  7. The benefits of staying healthy for busy entrepreneurs [33:31]
  8. Gav’s goal to educate people on the myths of weight loss [35:53]
  9. Two schools of thoughts in nutrition [40:30]
  10. Your WHY is what will get you to the finish line [46:41]


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About Our Guest:

Gav Gillibrand is a fitness and nutrition expert with over a decade of experience and success in helping people lose weight. From being a fitness instructor to a fitness and nutrition coach, Gav specializes in helping busy executives become great role models and leaders both in their family life and business.

He is also known for his book, The GHG Method, which employs practical and actionable weight-loss methods designed for busy entrepreneurs and executives.   

Back in the ’90s, he made a TV appearance on “Blind Date” and made a career as a professional revue artist (male stripper) in the UK. 

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